2007, jealous you weren’t orphaned

dwellin’ on an exit, derailin’ helplessly forward

less-than a portion, couch surfing, cornered

torment enormous,  Kanye’s Good Morning

college conforming, racial oxymoron

faith foreign,  Asthmatic agnostic attached to fast & forlorning

Watching anime porn, crumbs to my pocket,  forewarning

awkward, little to my knowledge, a fire was forming

art saved my way, multiracial gray displayed another shade

Adversity’s pain trained a gutter Bain

the stutter shamed boy without mother came

on the anniversary she was slain, medical case unexplained

untamed, untangled unashamed

cleansed demons deep in the seams, even deeper in the semen

the decent delinquent washing dishes

deranged from disassociation delivered a new glistening in the rain

Evey and V reckoning

cinders shimmer, slivers and dementors chitter

no longer weighted by victim blame

Willum came to play at haste

don’t waste your inner core

nor paint your front door

embrace your intrinsic DNA

and they’ll come knocking for more

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