College drop out. trained in the real world. I’ve a firm believer in self education and hard work to achieve anything important in life. We should never stop learning, exploring, building and challenging ourselves to contribute to society.

We should embrace the creativity, the failure, the passion that comes with growth. College at its core is meant to yield the user the tools and education needed to be proficient when cast into the real world.

I was unconventional. I embraced technology and followed masters all over the world. I learned early while in college my love for Graphic Design. I surpassed the students in my class, realizing many of the methods to be outdated in contrast to those experts I followed. It was then that I realized that College wasn't about the end destination, but about one's journey and finding life long passion along the way.

The following films and podcasts express my deeper thoughts and belief about education.

  1. Graduating High School in 2020 ( Film )
  2. College Reject?! // Canon SL2 (200d) Video ( Film )
  3. An argument against COLLEGE ( Film )
  4. If you feel like shit, worthless or stuck - hear this ( Film )
  5. Dead end job, 4 yrs of college, and impossible odds ( Film )
  6. SCREW COLLEGE, we have Youtube ( Film )
  7. S1 E76 The College Dropout - Canon SL2 24mm f2.8 w. Rode VideoMic ( Film )
  8. Pursuit of Passion // Canon SL2 (200d) Video ( Film )
  9. RERUN: Started From The Bottom (Will 2017!) ( Film )
  10. S3 E11 | How to ME TIME without Spouse & Kids w. William & Laura Mosley | Canon SL2 ( Film )
  11. Execution - MOSLEY S01E04 ( Film )
  12. 1 Hr. Live Coding Session: Custom Nationwide School Job Directory w. Ross & Timothy ( Film )