I’m Starting A Book Titled: I’m Addicted To Coffee & Creativity.

By Will Mosley / Saturday, January 16, 2021

high angle photo of two green mugs filled with coffee

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I’m listening to the Master Class on my iPhone right now with Walter Mosley, and he’s recommending, if you want to become a writer, wake up and write for three hours with a goal of 1000 words per day. I’m curious to find out if I can do this in a way that is voice. Using Google Docs and my iPhone’s mic to write 1000 words, can I write three hours, faster, yet still have the same impact.

I think starting a book specifically under the thesis for creativity will be something I could be passionate about. Could I write 1000 words every day? Is it feasible? I’m going to pause right and look at how many words I’ve written before I decide to move forward.

Looking at the word count I’m already at 128 words, which is literally one or two minutes of me talking this out. I feel very confident that I can do 1000 words, probably in 20 minutes, if I sit down, concentrate and just do it. I’m not much of a writer, as in, I don’t like to write words with my hands. I can type fairly fast but there’s no way in hell I could type as fast as what I’m talking right now with the accuracy that’s coming out of my mouth.

If you’ve never been a writer, I recommend you try this method out. You can then use the Google Doc to create a podcast per chapter or a video with you touching on the topics of each chapter. A great way to make pillar creative content at scale.

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