Will Mosley 2021 Ballpark Pricing


Passion + Hardwork + Consistency + Patience + Value + Branding + Reach + Marketing + Sales

I believe wholly that 90% of the battle to branding, marketing and sales is showing up everyday and giving real value to your following. Leave every conversation or opportunity giving 51% and receiving 49%. Below is my current ballpark pricing. Depending on your creative project, pricing may change. Click the button below to setup a time to talk with me about your project, and we'll get this thing rolling.

Branding Pricing

Logo & Branding for $2400

Design pricing

$150/page + material costs, 250 print minimum

Product Design & Packaging

$1200/product + material costs

Promo & Brand Clothing

$150/side + material costs

Web Pricing

Base $2400 + $150/page/product, WordPress Only

Web Infrastructure Pricing

$1200/feature, WordPress Only

Product Photography Pricing

50 Product Photos, 3 angles for $2400

Film Pricing

Base $1200 + $150/min

Social Pricing

50 Photo or Video* Posts for $2400

Business Courses


T-shirt Pricing

$25/ Graphic Tee, $50/ Hoodie