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Thank you for your interest in your eCommerce store or website. This packet is intended to answer any questions you have about the process of getting your website with Will Mosley. Please feel free to look over the information and if you need further explanation, test me at 828.582.7265. Thank you for letting me build your store and share in the growth of your business.

Explanation of package items and terms

Sometimes I totally nerd out and forget that most people don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to building an eCommerce store. Everyone has their niche and I specialize as a Creative Director, Full Stack Developer and Filmmaker. To make things easier, I try to explain processes and terms in a simplified manner to help my clients but sometimes it is still too confusing. To try to help make this communication better, I’ve broken down my terms.

COPY refers to written content you will supply for the website. This typically consists of:

1. Services copy
2. About copy
3. Contact copy
4. Social accounts
5. Product copy
6. Passion copy (why you love what you offer)
7. More copy may be required depending on your build

I require that ALL copy be supplied before building out initial pages.

eCommerce refers to any online store offering products or services for sale.

Website refers to any online domain presence without a checkout process.

Domain refers to the url of your website. E.g. www.google.com or facebook.com

Hosting refers to where the data for your website is stored. Similar to renting land or property.

CMS stands for Content Management System. Basically a system built to help facilitate the addition of content and media easily.

Wordpress is one of the world’s most used CMS’. It’s perfect for building custom scalable solutions capable of millions of dollars in revenue per year. Most clients pick WordPress if they need something automated or have previously worked with WordPress in the past.

Is a standard in accepting online payments (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX). Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. They handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

PayPal, like Stripe, handles millions of credit card transactions. 9 million merchants rely on PayPal to build, run, and grow their business.

A finished website consists of a mobile ready experience with flowing brand cohesive to the clients existing atmosphere that’s easy to interact with, update and change on the fly.

Something that I recommend to all clients is a promotional film for your homepage. This will help tell your story and message in a fast, visually compelling manner. This film is the best edit I can create and features detailed story-based video editing, audio design, color correction, and industry standard processing. Ask me about separate pricing.

The delivery of your WEBSITE PACKAGE is guaranteed one month from initial payment (This date depends on consistency of communication between the client and Will. The website will NOT be released until final payment is received.) The final package you will receive is a website that matches your brand and a document with logins. Your website will be accessible from the specified domain name you supplied (e.g. pancakehouse.com). Your store will be hosted with the host you selected and available for your clients and audience to visit 24/7.

Moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Add custom features like connecting your store to Zendesk, your CRM or Salesforce.

Extend the scope of your project // Add $150/hour

Sales page with very focused CTA
Sales page with a Base Promotional Film
Receive All Digital Assets
Receive all assets used in the creation of your website.
Plus so much more, just ask.


Create a short video about how you started your business. Talk about how the business came to be, the struggles you experienced and how you overcame them. Share your passion and love for your craft and invite customers to come visit. This film will be available on homepage or services page. You’ll also be able to share this film with everyone on facebook or through email.


Let me help educate you on how we can enjoy our relationship together.


The best thing you can do to get your website released fast is to provide all of the copy required up front. Typically this includes

1. Services copy
2. About copy
3. Contact copy
4. Social accounts
5. Product copy for each product.
6. Passion copy (why you love what you offer)

Any delay on this copy will delay your release date, though FINAL PAYMENT is still required 30 days after your initial invoice.


If there’s something I say like CSS, HTML or PHP and you don’t understand it, don’t hesitate to ask.


No I don’t mean Thriller. Though that is a good dance. Scope creep is what happens when a defined project goes outside what the original objectives were. Be very careful with this as any scope creep is billed at $150/hr. I will ALWAYS let you know beforehand if:

“This is outside the scope of this project, would you like me to continue anyways?”


You may notice that I refer to myself as a Creative Director vs a Webmaster or Web Developer. Though I am all of these things, I believe that my creative talent in design, web & filmmaking set me apart from the pack. I understand how to take an idea and convert it into something living and breathing. Similar to switching between different languages seamlessly, I can travel between skill sets with flexibility and ease.


Remember, though a website will help you look more professional and help facilitate your online goals, you MUST still put in the hard work. A website is not a get rich quick solution. It is a system you use just like your car or computer to help you get the next step. Hard work is required for years and years to come to achieve your goals or continue the growth of your goals.


Just as hard work is required, so is putting in the time on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Youtube. There is no easy way to get more followers or likes. The best way to build a community that cares is constantly putting out content EVERY SINGLE DAY, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. Not only that, quality content. Selfless content that gives rather than asks all of the time. I could talk for hours about this topic, but the main thing to note is that there is no quick way to get there. You have to be willing to run the marathon and enjoy the process there.

After reviewing and accepting your estimate, I’ll send a contract via PandaDocs for you to sign. For all BASIC packages, I require full payment upfront. For all other quotes, I ask for a 50% retainer on the signing of the contract and the rest of the final payment 30 days from initial payment or completion of the project, whichever comes first. Payment may be made by clicking into the invoice and paying via majorly accepted credit cards,

There is a 5 day grace period from the date the invoice is due, after that date, I will apply a 10% late fee on your invoice. Please please do not miss a payment. Late fees can be expensive, keep everything clean by paying on time.

If you are late on an invoice more than 14 days, your project will be put in SUSPENSION status. If full payment is not received in 30 days your project will be terminated and Will Mosley will hand over deliverables as is. Will Mosley will seize all work for the client until payment is satisfied. Please note that if a project is TERMINATED, you will have to request a new quote at which different terms may be negotiated. Will Mosley has the right to decline work for any clients that have a termination mark on their account.


It is illegal to use copyrighted photos without proper licensing on your website. A better option is to buy and license photos from websites like stock.adobe.com. An even better option (given that it’s free) is using a service called unsplash.com where you can use any of the listed high quality images for free without credit. If you find any selections on the site that you especially like, let me know and I’ll do my best to fit the photo into your website.

Payment may be made through the invoice via Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & AMEX), or with Zelle if your bank allows it.

The next step is to plan out how we will build your website. We’ll meet for a Zoom build session. Have copy ready for the build day. This should set the foundation for getting your store created fast with buy in on your side.

I will highlight your website on my website under client work. Please feel free to share your website to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media platform. I also love when my clients tag my Instagram page @heywillmosley on their post too! Help me connect with people who love seeing it. Feel free to tag your friends and family in the link as well so your day ones can support you and your accomplishment.

After you’ve seen me at work and have fallen in love with your website, please feel free to review on my Instagram page. It helps me get the word out to other clients looking to have their store built. Not only is it good karma to pay things forward, but I just plain love when I make my clients happy and they let me know. I have the best clients, thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away. I love answering questions! I look forward to meeting with you and building your website. Building websites can be a daunting task, so thank you for trusting me with your online presence. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this website for years to come. Thank you.


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This Is That CTA at the end of the page

But only if you need it. I'm serious. You probably can build out your own website with something like Squarespace.com. Not a trick or gab. The peeps that enjoy my creative eCommerce company are those that either (1) have been burned countless times by crappy web development and scope creep or (2) know they have something crazy complex they need to build and have absolutely no idea how to get it to finish or (3) respectfully would rather have someone else build it brilliant because, let's face it, they don't have the time. Fair enough. if any of this run on sentence resonated with you or your team, let's get down to business.