Writing 1000 Words In 30 Minutes

By Will Mosley / Monday, January 4, 2021

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Chapter  of I’m Addicted To Coffee & Creativity By Will Mosley | Prewrite

I guess this is me starting. I’m listening to the Master Class on my iPhone right now with Walter Mosley, and he’s recommending, if you want to start being a writer, to wake up and write for three hours with a goal of 1000 words. I’m curious to find out if I can do this in a way that is voice. Using Google Docs and my iPhone’s mic to write 1000 words, can I write three hours, faster, yet still have the same impact. 

I think starting a book specifically under the thesis for creativity will be something I could be passionate about. Could I write 1000 words every day? Is it feasible? I’m going to pause right and look at how many words I’ve written before I decide to move forward. 

Looking at the word count I’m already at 128 words, which is literally one or two minutes of me talking this out. I feel very confident that I can do 1000 words, probably in 20 minutes, if I sit down, concentrate and just do it. I’m not much of a writer, as in, I don’t like to write words with my hands. I can type fairly fast but there’s no way in hell I could type as fast as what I’m talking right now with the accuracy that’s coming out of my mouth. So let’s talk creativity.

What is creativity? Creativity is something that burns deep within your soul. It’s an expression of heart, of life, of self, abstraction, and of emotion. It’s extremely powerful. It’s a beautiful way to find inner happiness even in the hardest of times. Creativity isn’t typically the way you make money quick. It’s also not the most stable career choice either. We are in a generation and year now, 2021, where it’s cool to be a social media guru, or youtuber, or influencer that makes creative content. This wasn’t a thing when I was a kid, though I’m glad creativity is finally getting the celebration it deserves. 

When I was a kid, everyone told me to pick something that would make money. Not make me happy. I feel as though that’s definitely a failure on society of my time, though I understand, when you’re trying to give your child a better life, you give them the advice that’s a bet on security.

Creative direction, web development, filmmaking and social media are the things that make me tick, but there are thousands of other fields that offer just as much creativity, passion and love. The one thing I know for sure is that it has to call you. I had to pull you. Almost to the point of an obsession (or more). Some of the best advice given to me comes from Casey Neistat, “Find something that you love and figure out how to do that for the rest of your life.”

I suppose it would make sense to tell you who I am. My name is William Clyde Mosley, III though these days I guess I just go by Will Mosley for the most part. Some may also know me online for my universal handle @heywillmosley. I’m a creative director, full stack developer, filmmaker, social media director, husband and father of four. I am fortunate enough to have found my soulmate and wife, Laura Cruz Mosley, quite early in life.

I knew of my spark of art and my creativity very early on, but I never felt as though I was able to express myself fully without finding deep love. This in a way held me back a lot from truly expressing myself or being confident in myself because I felt like a failure. I felt ugly. I felt tiny. Facts still further is I was a poor mixed boy, working minimum wage jobs, slaving for the man with two failed relationships where both women cheated on me for (what I felt at the time) was someone better than me. I chased love for a long time, never really giving myself the attention I deserved. Always thinking I was broken. It’s funny, when I finally decided to just focus on myself, I ran into Laura a couple of months later.

We met at a no pants housewarming party. I’ll share more about that if I get around to it later in this ongoing book. I knew almost instantly, that Laura was my one. Maybe it was the sex, or her beautiful island skin or the way she made me feel when I was around, but I , knew from a week or so in that she was my one. You can’t tell the person that you’ve just met that they’re soulmate material, but damn. 

Though it’s definitely not necessary to have a partner in crime or someone by your side, it does help when you’re going through hard times, emotional times, trying ass sad times, every bit, to have someone that can support you regardless of if your work is complete crap. I feel like when I stopped having to search for love, I was able to focus on my creativity and art to its fullest potential.

What I want to accomplish with this book or this narrative, or series of thoughts, is to help you make that first step from feeling trapped in your dead end job, or trapped emotionally in life in general and help you understand that you are valuable. You are important. You are beautiful, just the way you are, right now. 

You don’t need all the things that Instagram, TikTok and YouTube sell you. A lot of it is a matter of understanding your own self-worth and having self love for yourself. Being fulfilled with your current circumstance, being patient and giving not to get anything in return, but because what you’re giving can impact others. I know that’s like really weird and tough to hear especially if you’re like in a spot of great depression, or anxiety, or stress, or super broke, but it does get really interesting when the focus isn’t to be a millionaire, but the focus is just a live comfortable enough with everyday being your passion.

There’s a difference between starving and scraping. I’ve been there. Having enough to pay rent and electricity, and maybe just a little bit for fun money is a necessity. Once you’re there, the rest is just upside. Yeah, as long as you have food, shelter, water, like those are the things you need to take care of. You have to be a float before you can save anyone else. It’s hard to want to give anyone else anything. Who am I to care about anyone else or give anybody anything  when I’m really just trying to survive. That makes so much sense. So maybe in the early chapters of this book, I can talk about how you can escape that jail you’re trapped in, financially and mentally. Not like some of that traditional bullshit advice like save for a 401K, or save 6 months of savings and then go freelance. This is advice from 2021. We just went through a fucking pandemic bro. 350 thousand people in the USA are dead. Let’s get practical AF with our current situation.

Once we get out of the muck that 2020 and our childhood did to us, and ways to fuck up some gratitude, the plan is to talk about expression of self, personal brand and empowerment. Like it’s insane how much we moved 2020 with Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. It took me personally, a multiracial male, a while to understand specifically why this one movement was so important. But after talking to my wife, who’s super passionate about equal rights and advocacy, I got it. When I look around, and see one of everything, in so many pockets of places I go, it’s unsettling. I was watching Disney’s Into The Unknown: The Making of Frozen II, and 85% of their staff is white. They’re all passionate about their jobs and seem super liberal, but it’s still there. Why isn’t their diversity in culture and race? When I walk in to Walmart, it’s all walks of life everywhere. There should be much more diversity in our culture. At the top. At the bottom. In the middle. It doesn’t help that we’ve had a racist president that encourages open racism and discremination. 

Everywhere is just overall better for everyone when we all respect and love each other‘s culture, backgrounds and vibes. It makes everyone way less fearful and way more accepting. I think creativity and coffee are global languages. You can look at a piece of art, or you can hear a piece of music, sip a cup of coffee. Whatever it is, wherever it is, we understand the emotion. The heart in it. 

I’ll definitely be talking or touching on how to share your voice, your thoughts and beliefs with the world in future chapters, but for now, I want to kind of focus on how to get good with yourself. What’s your value and how to practically make some sort of sustainable living. Especially if you hate the job that you’re at right now. I’ll talk more about how my kids and my wife really changed my perspective on goals and needs and wants and money too.

This is top level Will. The Will that first started this dialogue trying to figure out if he could hack the system. The one at the beginning of this chapter that wondered if I could use Google‘s voice narration to write 1000 words in less than three hours. I’m happy to report that even amidst all my kids running around, cleaning up, loud toys going off, I was able to write over 1000 words to dictate in less than 30 minutes. (And proof the edit in about 30 minutes) Super proud of that. 

I don’t really want this to be an absolute locked in narrative. Where every single chapter is X. Every chapter is Y. I want this to be a running expression of my thoughts about creativity. My intention for tomorrow is to talk about my origin story. Things that I went through to help me grow. The tragedies. The triumphs. The failures. It may also mean that I don’t actually want to talk about those things tomorrow, but this is me giving myself permission in this written dialogue narration to flow. And that my friend is what creativity is. An ever growing expression of self, transformed into video, audio, pictures and written word (or whatever medium fits your flow). Creative freedom and flow are everything.